Repair or Replacement: What to Do About Your Cracked Windshield


It's annoying to be driving down the road only to have a stone tossed up and into your windshield, which then gets chipped. Your windshield can also crack due to extreme temperature changes or during an auto accident. Since driving around with a broken windshield impedes your vision and can be dangerous, it's important to have the nick repaired as soon as possible. How can you tell if you should repair or replace the glass?

8 September 2016

How To Keep Your Home Naturally Cooler During The Hot Summer Months


Relying solely on your air conditioner to keep things cool at home throughout the summer season may be convenient, but the practice will likely drive your energy bills up each month and put a lot of wear and tear on your HVAC system as time goes on. Whether or not you live in a climate that requires continual use of your air conditioner day and night, or you only need relief from the heat when your home gets direct sunlight, it's a good idea to take some steps that will keep your household naturally cool during the summer.

2 May 2016

5 Facts You Should Know About Your Car's Windshield And Damage


Your car's windshield is how you see where you're going, but it serves other important purposes as well. A damaged windshield can cause serious issues, especially during an accident. If you have a damaged windshield that you haven't repaired or replaced yet, check out these five facts you should know about your car's windshield and windshield damage.   The Windshield Protects You Your car's windshield isn't just a blockade for bugs, wind and debris.

18 March 2016