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If you have at least one kid in your house, there is a good chance that you have experienced at least one broken window in the past - if not, there is probably one in your future. Do you know what to do if a window or glass door is broken in your home? How you clean it up, who replaces it and how you handle the entire situation will all have an impact on the outcome. My site contains tips for dealing with a broken window or glass door in your home. Hopefully, you will be able to learn from my many experiences and avoid the mistakes that I have made.

5 Facts You Should Know About Your Car's Windshield And Damage


Your car's windshield is how you see where you're going, but it serves other important purposes as well. A damaged windshield can cause serious issues, especially during an accident. If you have a damaged windshield that you haven't repaired or replaced yet, check out these five facts you should know about your car's windshield and windshield damage.  

The Windshield Protects You

Your car's windshield isn't just a blockade for bugs, wind and debris. It is an important safety feature in your car. Unlike regular glass, your windshield is actually two layers of tempered glass with a sheet of resin between them. Without this resin, if the windshield broke during an accident, the glass pieces would shatter like a broken mirror and possibly fly at you, causing injury. With the resin, however, the glass stays stuck together, so no pieces fly anywhere. The glass may be broken, but it remains in one piece. In addition, the tempered glass is durable, which adds structural strength to the car. In the event of an accident, the windshield absorbs some of the impact.

A Damaged Windshield Compromises Your Safety

A little crack or ding here and there on your windshield may not seem like a big deal, but it could be if you end up in a car accident. Even small damage to your windshield affects the resin layer. Because of this, the window may break into several pieces when damaged or allow someone to actually be thrown through the windshield in an accident. On top of that, a damaged windshield has reduced structural strength, so if the car rolls, the windshield is more likely to shatter, which may cause the roof to collapse.

A Damaged Windshield May Not Need Replacement

On the bright side, you may not have to completely replace your windshield if you have small damage. Some damage can be repaired, but it depends on the size and location of the damage. If you have a chip that is about one inch wide or a crack that is three inches or less and it is not located within your line of sight, a repair may be possible. The process is done by injecting and then smoothing resin into the chip or crack, but it may leave behind an unevenness in the windshield, which can affect vision, which is why it isn't always a good idea to repair damage in your line of sight.

Your State May Have Laws Regarding Damaged Windshields

Another safety problem with cracks and dings is that they may affect your visibility. If the damage is within your line of sight, it may cause you to miss something crucial, such as a pedestrian. As a result, many states have laws regarding damaged windshields. Typically, if the damage is within the viewing area of the car (usually the area that can be touched by the wipers), it is illegal to drive the car. However, if the damage is outside of this area, it probably won't impact your vision much or at all, so it is probably legal. However, exact laws vary from state to state.

Your Car Insurance Deductible May Be Waived for a Damaged Windshield

If your state laws do require you to fix your damaged windshield, you may have to pay for it completely out of pocket because your deductible may be higher than the cost of windshield replacement. Windshield replacement costs about $100 to $400 and repairing a crack or chip can cost between $10 and $150. However, some states require the deductible to be waived when fixing a damaged windshield, making it much easier for drivers to comply with state laws. These states include Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina and Massachusetts.

A damaged windshield can cause a lot of problems, but the most important involve your safety. Don't let your damaged windshield cost you your life. If you would like to repair a crack/chip or replace your windshield, contact an auto glass replacement technician in your area today. 


18 March 2016