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If you have at least one kid in your house, there is a good chance that you have experienced at least one broken window in the past - if not, there is probably one in your future. Do you know what to do if a window or glass door is broken in your home? How you clean it up, who replaces it and how you handle the entire situation will all have an impact on the outcome. My site contains tips for dealing with a broken window or glass door in your home. Hopefully, you will be able to learn from my many experiences and avoid the mistakes that I have made.

Tips For Making Aluminum Door Scratch And Dent Repairs


Aluminum and glass doors are extremely common on commercial buildings, and they are often installed across main entryways. If you have these types of doors on your business, then you may notice some problems with the doors becoming scratched or dinged over time. While it may be wise to have the door frame replaced if damage is widespread, you can sometimes repair small bits of damage on your own. Keep reading to find out how.

Fixing Scratches

Scratches are fairly easy to fix and must first be cleaned with soap and water. Dry the scratch afterwards and inspect it to see if it is deep enough that it has marred the metal of the door. If it has not, then you can simply add a bit of paint to the area and complete a typical spot repair, like you would if you scratched your vehicle paint. 

Most aluminum doors are covered in a powder coated material. The powder coating is typically an epoxy or polyester material spread over the surface of the aluminum and then allowed to harden. Powder coatings come in a variety of different gloss levels, with some coatings that are flat while others are shiny. Speak with your aluminum door retailer to see what the gloss level is of the door. If the door is glossy, then locate an automotive paint to fix the scratch. If it is flat, then an acrylic-based paint in a matching color will work well.

If the scratch has reached into the metal, then purchase a home repair compound like a joint or plaster-filler material, like Durabond. While these compounds are typically utilized for interior types of repairs, they are made from a calcium sulfate material that dries extremely hard, like the aluminum itself. If you use a filler, then use a putty knife to spread a thin layer of the filler into and over the crack. Allow the filler to harden and then use some sandpaper to smooth out the filler. Complete the repair with a thin layer of your paint. If you want the repair to blend in with the door, then apply paint with a thin paintbrush. Look for brushes labeled as ultra-thin, high-finish, or pointed. These are all good choices. 

Repairing Dents

If you notice door dents, then you may need a much more durable material to make your repair. You can use a resin-based compound that is typically used to make vehicle repairs. The material is best used to repair dents that are between one-eighth of an inch and one-quarter of an inch deep. While larger repairs can be made, you can expect the repair to fail. In other words, the compound will not stick to the aluminum for a long period of time. It will eventually fall away from the door. 

Start by adding equal amounts of the filler and hardening compound on a piece of a cardboard or plastic. Use a wooden stir stick or other non-metal implement to mix the filler together. When it is thoroughly mixed, use a putty knife to spread the filler into the dent. Make sure to smooth it out and then wait about two to four hours for the material to dry. Sand the area flat afterwards. 

Once the repair has been made, you can paint the repair or you can repaint the entire door. This depends on the size of the damage and how noticeable spot painting may be. If you decide to repaint it, consider using exterior grade acrylic-based spray paint for metal. You can also use acrylic paints made for all-type or all-purpose materials. These types of paint will produce a smooth finish. Before using the paint, make sure to remove the pneumatic closer arm as well as the door hinges first. 

If you feel you cannot do this on your own, you can contact a glass or aluminum door repair service in your area. 


28 March 2017