broken window or glass door - what to do

If you have at least one kid in your house, there is a good chance that you have experienced at least one broken window in the past - if not, there is probably one in your future. Do you know what to do if a window or glass door is broken in your home? How you clean it up, who replaces it and how you handle the entire situation will all have an impact on the outcome. My site contains tips for dealing with a broken window or glass door in your home. Hopefully, you will be able to learn from my many experiences and avoid the mistakes that I have made.

Have Commercial Property Damages Because Of Weather And Worried About Security? What To Do


If you had a lot of damage to your business property in a recent natural disaster, and you think that people saw your damaged building and helped themselves to your property, you want to improve some of your security features. You want to make the building stronger where you can to prevent damages in upcoming natural disasters, and you want to be able to monitor what goes on around your property. Here are some of the things that you want to consider investing your money into.

Shatter and Bullet Proof Windows

You can get protection from both hurricanes and intruders that try to break through windows with force when you get the right type of windows. Talk with the window professionals about getting windows installed that are recommended for businesses that are in hurricane zones, and that are used to reduce the affects and damages from impact. These are worth the investment can lower your insurance rates.

Internal and Outdoor Cameras

Cameras inside and outside the property will help for a variety of reasons. IP cameras are ideal because you can monitor what happens on property at any time. Consider getting cameras for these reasons:

  • Catch employees stealing or behaving inappropriately
  • Catch thieves or intruders on camera
  • Have tapes of natural disasters or other factors that damage the property

You could use these tapes in lawsuits against criminals and employees, or for insurance claims if something comes up and your insurance company wants prove.

Enhanced Security System

If the security system that you currently used doesn't have controls that you can control from your smart phone, it could be outdated. You want a system that will alert you immediately when there is a problem that can detect people breaking into the property that has voice recognition and more. Talk with security experts about the best options for your business.

There are a lot of different issues that can arise when you are dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, and when you think people in the area stole from your property while you were fixing the damages. You don't want this to happen to you again and you don't want to lose money, so you need to talk with the necessary professionals to see what are the best windows and doors for your property, and how you can make sure that people know your property is protected so they stay out. For more information, contact companies like A Christian Glass & Mirror.


20 October 2017